Crypto to eCommerce

Integrated enterprise eCommerce solution for processing cryptocurrency into fiat money with cashback for buyers

From problems to solution
From problems to solution
We know about the problems:
  • Cryptocurrency holders cannot spend easily their funds on Internet platforms.
  • Owners of the business do not have simple and e-commerce friendly instruments for processing highly-volatile currencies.
We have a solution:

We create an easy-to-use tool for processing crypto payments that will allow merchants to easily expand their customer base and make it possible for buyers to make best buys in the biggest online stores.


SEC Benefits

For PSPs

Expand the market - Get fee!
  • An easy way to integrate crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat processor
  • Usage of crypto without legal responsibilities
  • An easy way to increase revenues thru the commission

For merchants

Accept crypto - get fiat
  • An easy way to expand the customer base and increase sales revenue
  • No problems with the turnover of highly volatile funds in the store's economy
  • 1% fee for a transaction
  • Reconciliation report

For buyers

Pay with crypto - receive cashback
  • Multilayer Loyalty System
  • Cashback service
  • Possibility to spend SEC in the network of online stores
  • A wide choice of cryptocurrencies that are accepted for payments
  • Refunds in cryptocurrency
White Paper

ICO stages

The total number of generated tokens is 121,000,000.
This token amount corresponds to the sum that is required for platform development and performance. The issue of additional tokens is impossible. The tokens will be used to ensure the work of the loyalty system and the cashback service. For this purpose, SecureCryptoPayments will constantly redeem the required number of tokens from the SEC holders at a market price. The price of the token will be the same during all the period, 1 SEC = 0.001 ETH.
Private Sale
The hard cap is limited by 64 million SEC which is the maximum number of tokens for sale. During the entire private sale period, we offer the most favorable interest rate for token purchase that is +25%. The maximum quantity of tokens to be sold are ~18.1 million SEC.
During this round, we have a limitation for token holders that is ~10.9 million SEC. For the entire preICO period, we offer the most favorable interest rate for token purchase that is +20%.
The number of tokens for the ICO stage will be defined by their balance on the smart contract after private sale and preICO. The rates of interest for ICO will be as follows: + 10% - the first two weeks, 0% - the last two weeks
Token distribution
Funds allocation


  • Competitor analysis and idea creation
  • Preliminary roadmap is done
  • Mathematical model development
  • Documentation assets and Smart Contract development
  • Technical planning
  • Integrational API development
  • Private sale start
  • Merchant interface development
  • General architecture development
  • eCommerce plugins development
  • SCP soft launch
  • Pre-ICO launch
  • Add support for top cryptocurrencies
  • SCP MVP extension
  • Marketing campaign kick off
  • Building PSP extension
  • Finalization of the cashback service development
  • ICO launch
  • Multilayer Loyalty Program release
  • Listing on exchanges
  • SCP general availability