Crypto to eCommerce

Integrated enterprise eCommerce solution for processing cryptocurrency into fiat money with cashback for buyers

From problems to solution
From problems to solution
We know about the problems:
  • Cryptocurrency holders cannot spend easily their funds on Internet platforms.
  • Owners of the business do not have simple and e-commerce friendly instruments for processing highly-volatile currencies.
We have a solution:

We create an easy-to-use tool for processing crypto payments that will allow merchants to easily expand their customer base and make it possible for buyers to make best buys in the biggest online stores.

SEC Benefits

For token holders

Tokens Bought
Predicted amount
In %
SEC price model

For merchants

Accept crypto - get fiat
  • An easy way to expand the customer base and increase sales revenue
  • No problems with the turnover of highly volatile funds in the store's economy
  • 1% fee for a transaction

For buyers

Pay with crypto - receive cashback
  • Multilayer Loyalty System
  • Cashback service
  • Possibility to spend SEC in the network of online stores
  • A wide choice of cryptocurrencies that are accepted for payments
  • Refunds in cryptocurrency
White Paper

ICO stages

The total number of generated tokens is 121,000,000.
This token amount corresponds to the sum that is required for platform development and performance. The issue of additional tokens is impossible. The tokens will be used to ensure the work of the loyalty system and the cashback service. For this purpose, SecureCryptoPayments will constantly redeem the required number of tokens from the SEC holders at a market price.
The hard cap is limited by 121 million SEC which is a maximum number of tokens. During the entire preICO period, we offer the most favorable interest rate for token purchase that is +25%.
The number of tokens for the ICO stage will be defined by their balance on the smart contract after preICO. The rates of interest for ICO will be as follows: + 20% - the first day + 15% - the first week + 10% - the next two weeks + 0% - the fourth week
Investment distribution


  • Competitor analysis and idea creation
  • Preliminary roadmap is done
  • Mathematical model development
  • Documentation assets and Smart Contract development
  • Technical planning
  • Integrational API development
  • Private sale start
  • Merchant interface development
  • General architecture development
  • eCommerce plugins development
  • SCP soft launch
  • Pre-ICO launch
  • Add support for top cryptocurrencies
  • SCP MVP extension
  • Marketing campaign kick off
  • Building PSP extension
  • Finalization of the cashback service development
  • ICO launch
  • Multilayer Loyalty Program release
  • Listing on exchanges
  • SCP general availability


An Entrepreneur and dreamer who used to live in New York, with 7+ years of experience in Enterprise eCommerce. 18+ top popular eCommerce website launches. Blockchain visionary with focus on B2C and B2B problems.
Mike Minov
CEO & Co-founder
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A top specialist in building complex e-commerce solutions with 6+ years of experience. His favourite part in eCommerce development is payment gateway integrations. Leading the team of 15+ people. Launched 20+ eCommerce websites.
Pavel Kovalyov
CTO & Co-founder
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Fintech. Helps people to grow businesses. 9 successful project launches with more than $110M revenue. Cryptocurrency evangelist, investor and trader. Law regulation expert.
Yurii Kucheruk
CBDO & Co-founder
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Expert with 8+ years of experience in IT, managing the team of 30+ people on complex projects and programs. 20+ success stories for TOP brands with annual revenue of $30M+. Background in banking software, eCommerce and blockchain.
Vlad Darmenko
COO & Co-founder
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6+ Years Experience in Marketing and Business Development. Core focus on Marketing Strategy, Marketing analysis, Person-as-a-brand Concept and image-making. 2+ years experience as a Chief Marketing Officer for Blockchain, Fintech, and Crypto Projects.
Yana Mizernyuk
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Over 10+ years of experience in Solution Architecture and Technical Management. Commerce Cloud Solution and Enterprise Architecture with 6+ years expertise. Building and Managing medium to large teams 20+ members. Integration and definition of Technical Processes within the companies.
Stanislav Publika
Business/Solution Architect
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Marketing specialist with more then 5 years in outdoor and digital marketing. She is the founder of marketing agency “byGorobets”, had experience as Head of Marketing in Crypto Exchange Bitsane, and auditor Embassy of Lithuania
Katia Gorobets
Head of Marketing
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Doctor of Science, Professor, Scientist. Head of Metrology and Industrial Automation Chair at Vinnytsia National Technical University. Mathematician with strong knowledge of and experience in security and protocol creation. Creator of the chaos-theory-based blockchain hypothesis.
Vladimir Kucheruk
Mathematician & Scientist
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Top level marketing specialist with 8+ years of experience in local and international companies. Successful background in online and offline products promoting. Long-distance vision and confidence in blockchain forced Helen to switch to the HYIP topic.
Helen Makoyid
Marketing Specialist
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Developer who finished 15+ large projects for enterprise eCommerce. In portfolio: Adidas, Loreal, etc.
Vladimir Fursenko
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I am a key contributor to the creation and execution PR campaigns on a global scale. Building and maintaining productive relationships with media contacts, strategic alliances and key social media influencers.
Kateryna Buyalska
PR Manager
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As a QA Engineer, I'm independently oversee testing from start to finish. I am working onsite with specialized teams and playing a lead role in new releases by contributing to the support, maintenance, and construction of our core platform.
Ivan Hodoniuk
QA Engineer
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Partners & Advisors

More than 20 years of senior management experience leading businesses that have delivered success in client satisfaction, growth and profitability. He spent 10 years as CEO leading Tryzens in it's prime, the business he founded in 2003, and built it to become a leader in it’s sector of Digital Technology design and delivery. He has used his vision and strong leadership, along with his understanding of clients’ requirements, to build a very effective services business that works across technologies. His entrepreneurial leadership vision was used to set up very successful near and offshore offices that further optimise delivery quality and cost efficiencies. In 2013 Terry lead a funding activity that brought external investors into Tryzens which provided share ownership options for staff and management of Tryzens. Terry left his CEO role at Tryzens in May 2014 and is now using his experience advising a number of businesses in the area of delivering value service and profitable growth.
Terry Hunter
Managing Director at Astound Commerce LTD
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eCommerce. Dynamic, analytical and results oriented leader with over ten years of experience in retail and eCommerce. Expert in helping companies manage their online business and develop multichannel programs to increase sales, enhance profitability, and improve customer satisfaction. Core Capabilities: • eCommerce Strategic Business Development • Online Marketing: SEO, SEM, Email, Display and Affiliates • Website Management • Web Merchandising • Multichannel Program Development and Implementation • Integration of Web Technologies • Customer Retention/Acquisition • Budget and P&L
Valeriya Makarov
AVP, Global eCommerce & CRM at Kiehl's Since 1851
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"The Cloud Whisperer". Certified Cloud Solutions Architect, Artificial Intelligence Subject MatterExpert, and overall man about town.
Sean Gayle
Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft
Security Advisor
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Alex is a co-founder and CEO of Restream, Inc., where he builds a community of streamers and gamers. Originally from Ukraine, he received a Telecommunications Degree, build an e-commerce service sold it and founded, a streaming platform for e-learning solutions he`d been working on for 3 years.
Alexander Khuda
CEO & co-founder of
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Albert Halili is an industry thought leader and an expert in his respective field. From e-commerce re-platforming projects, solution architecture, technical leadership, back end and front end web development, e-commerce strategy and execution, customized user experiences, advanced integrations, email marketing, to Google Analytics & reporting, Albert and the Ecommerce Aces team have you covered. Each of Ecommerce Aces team members were selected based on their years and knowledge in their area of expertise; their previous or current work with top tier brands, their passion for the digital and e-commerce space and of course because of their awesome work ethic.
Albert Halili
CEO of eCommerce aces
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I’m juggling between engineering and business teams providing my understanding of scalable solutions in the cloud. Always wondering what it takes to scale a business idea or a system. For the past few years, I’ve tried different heats: developer, team lead, project manager, co-founder, and now - solution architect. Managed few relatively successful products with a short time to market (3-5 months), teams from 2 up to 20 engineers and over 40 stakeholders. Co-founded an online store selling outdoor goods.
Alexey Nekrasov
Sr. Solution Architect at Adidas
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Over 10 years experience in IT development and management. Winning during his university years a competition held by a large software development company triggered Vadym’s career growth running projects with Bank of America and HBSC. His interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology was early, strong and contagious. With a few like-minded friends he founded BlockSoft - a brilliant sharp-witted team geared towards continuous research and innovations with an emphasis on cutting edge security and cryptographic protocols. Products and solutions developed by the team are used by businesses operating with millions of dollars.
Vadym Hrusha
CEO at BlockSoftLab
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Experienced specialist with deep understanding of: web-applications development, database design, web-design, artificial intelligence. The architect of many blockchain solutions that are solving many problems.
Dmytro Zarezenko
Lead Blockchain Architect at BlockSoftLab
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Our Mission

We develop a platform that you will be able to use to pay for goods and services. It is free from the limits of obsolete payment systems. Today we already offer more than other payment processing systems can do.



Why does SecureCryptoPayments want to run ICO?

There are a few purposes for running ICO:

  • To speed up the platform development and involve merchants faster
  • To exclude the influence of a single venture investor that may impact the future project roadmap.

Why have you chosen eCommerce platforms to work with? There are many ICOs like that.

The majority of our co-founders have been working in the eCommerce industry for more than 15 years. We know this domain very well and understand how it works under the hood. Our team is sure that this project will be successful because of our experience and complete dedication to this idea.

What is enterprise eCommerce?

Enterprise eCommerce software is a solution that is used by big companies that sell online to cover all their business needs.

Facts speak louder than words. Below are the names of some big brands that have used enterprise eCommerce platforms to build their websites:
Adidas, BMW, Canon, Carter's, Columbia, Converse, Crocs, Ecco, Fila, GoPro, HP, Hugo Boss, JCB, L'Oreal, Lacoste, Liebherr, Marks&Spencer, Mercedes-Benz, Miele, Mothercare, Motul, NewBalance, Pandora, PUMA, Quelle, Samsonite, Skullcandy, Speedo, Swarovski, T-Mobile, TaylorMade, Tommy Hilfiger, UnderArmor, Versace.

What makes you better than other payment providers?

We offer a number of benefits:

  • Targeting at enterprise eCommerce platforms
  • Cashback service
  • Multilayer Loyalty System
  • Token usage in the eCommerce ecosystem
  • Token utilization inside SecureCryptoPayments

When will you be listed on exchanges?

The token will be listed on exchanges after a successful ICO launch in Q1 of 2019.

What is the SEC token price in your ICO?

The price of SEC in ETH is fixed, where 1ETH = 1,000 SEC.

What is the hard cap and what is the total token supply?

The total token supply is 121,000,000 SEC which is also a maximum limit for the hard cap.

What if your ICO fails?

It won't fail. However, taking into account how often ICOs turn into scum projects, we have developed plan B in case crypto community doesn't believe in our idea as much as we do. Plan B is to proceed with project development at our own expense and limit release to the market with only one SFCC Cartridge. There is no rocket science here, but introduction of the new payment provider and scaling it up to different platforms will take more time in this case.

Where is your company based?

SecureCryptoPayments is registered in Tallinn, Estonia. Our headquater is located in Vinnytsia, Ukraine.